Landman Economics has extensive research expertise in the following research areas:

Quantitative analysis

Statistical and econometric techniques in which we have expertise include:

  • panel data analysis
  • limited-dependent-variable models
  • microsimulation models
  • models for attitudinal data
  • combining quantitative and qualitative data sources

Landman Economics uses a range of software packages including Stata 13 and Python.

Economic modelling

Howard Reed, director of Landman Economics, is a specialist in microsimulation models of the tax system and other economic phenomena.

Landman Economics’s recent economic modelling work has included:

  • Research on the distributional effects of tax, benefit and tax credit changes introduced by successive Governments from 2010 onwards, including analysis of the impact of Universal Credit. Most recently, detailed modelling has been completed for the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.
  • A model of the distributional impacts of spending on in-kind public services such as health, education, transport and social care, originally developed in 2010 in a project funded by the TUC and UNISON, the model is regularly updated to show the distributional impacts of the ongoing austerity measures instituted by the 2010-15 Coalition Government and continued by the Conservative Governments elected since 2015.
  • A model of the economic impacts of increases in tobacco taxation, including the extra revenue to the Exchequer from a more healthy workforce with lower levels of absenteeism, for Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

Interdisciplinary research

Landman Economics has a long-standing interest in research projects that combine economics with other social science disciplines (e.g. sociology, psychology, political science etc.) 

In his previous role as Chief Economist at the Institute for Public Policy Research, Landman Economics director Howard Reed collaborated with researchers and academics from many disciplines. 

If you’re looking to commission research which combines economics with other social sciences, or need assistance with a cross-disciplinary project, please get in touch.